22 Feb 2019 : All Mj's biggest hits performed live by our top, world class, session musician chums.!!

'The Hits of Michael Jackson' with Rogue Symphony

Online hasl sold out but you can still pay on the door x WHQ & Nat Turner Live Events presents, by popular demand, the return of...

'The Hits of Michael Jackson' : live @ Wylam Brewery, with 'Rogue Symphony'

That's right chums! You know the quality of the live shows we bring to Wylam & this one tops them all..!
We took the roof off the Brewery back at Halloween, when we first presented this show.

That was on a weekday – This time, by popular demand, it's at the weekend.

Hear & see all of Mj's biggest smash hits, lovingly & accurately recreated live.

‘Rogue Symphony’ are a 14 strong team of our top London session musician chums, with full string & brass sections.

They are absolutely at the top of their game & so well connected, that they have even got their mitts on the actual trumpet Mike used to record the Thriller album, to use for this show..!

Now to do Mike justice you have to be 100% on point. We totally get that & wouldn't even think of bringing this to you, if we didn't know for sure that this was the best live event we've ever brought to the Brewery.

So chums, it's a weekend, no work in the morning & no kiddies to trick o' treat like last time..

Get those dancing shoes at the ready & prepare to be properly entertained, 'cos we are bringing MJ back to life for this amazing, Wylam Friday night out.


*Please note...

As with all shows at Wylam Brewery, there may be some element of flashing lighting in use, at certain points during the live performance.

Onstage times are a guide & even as hard as we try, they may vary slightly (in the unlikely event crazy stuff happens unexpectedly on the night).

We expect this show to sell out in advance & due to our contract with the Band’s management, tickets can only be refunded once / if / that does happen & we have people waiting on the returns list that Debbie can sell your tickets on to (& you contact her prior to the day of the show).

So please plan ahead & only purchase this ticket if you intend to attend the show.

Please also bear in mind that if we hear of anyone trying to resell our tickets on the black market, we will let Ronnie the WHQ dog, loose on them (at a time when she is very, very hungry...)

If you have ticketing, or any other enquiries, please e mail (everyone's best pal) Debbie at our office on info@welovewhq.com.

This is an all standing / dancing event & we are all going to be MJ for a night x.

Online allocation has now sold out, we have kept spaces back so you can pay at the door for this event.