21 Aug 2015 : 21st Aug

Pirate Material OffMeNut Takeover w/ SQUIRE OF GOTHOS b2b PHATWORLD | World HQ

FACEBOOK LINK - https://www.facebook.com/events/1623163594593424/


One last party before we launch our Autumn season....

Get your party hats out people, the Off Me Nut boys are back in town on August 21st. Its always fun, always a party and always proper bouncing. 

Anyone who has caught them on the festival circuit, at any of their OMN parties or anytime out sister night Lively Up has brought em to Toon will know its gonna kick off!

Post your name on the event wall for £6 entry before midnight.

£6 w/ Wallpost before 12


Support TBA

See you in the dance.....!

Online allocation has now sold out, we have kept spaces back so you can pay at the door for this event.