12 May 2017 :

Star And Shadow Club Fundraiser

Friday 12 May brings together a fine assortment of professional™ selectors that will remind people of what the Star And Shadow is all about.

With generous support from World Headquarters, the Star And Shadow have planned a series of late night/early morning club warm ups and fundraisers across the summer to get people primed and ready for the grande opening.

If you want to help fill the gap in Tyneside's cultural landscape, there are not many projects more deserving of support than the Star and Shadow.

Featuring the latent disk jock talents of Richard DawsonRebecca Kilshaw, Andy Taylor (regular guest selector at AGOP and Acid Waxa nights) and Signals Professional DJ Team™ (ft. Intergalactic FM resident Deirdre Direktor via Brooklyn and Den Haag) who will be providing a heavy rotation of premier dance tracks designed with one purpose - to make you move and bang the party. 

To build something you have to break down some walls. So get down, fill the dance floor and fill the buckets.

Tickets are £10 on the door or £5 in advance

Party starts at 10pm. 4am finish.


On February 28 2015 the Star And Shadow closed on Stepney Bank. It was a huge loss and the city has been culturally poorer without it.

In Autumn 2017 it will reopen on Warwick Street. It will be a bigger, better and bolder project than it was before. It will be amazing and no superlatives can possibly articulate the anticipation and excitement people are feeling for its return.

The Star And Shadow is being built by volunteers and they've already raised 10s of thousands of pounds to make it happen.

To paraphrase some dead french guy 'The Star & Shadow must be built' and it's happening right now but the mortage and leccy bills will always need paying.

So get down, have a dance, share this about and help make Newcastle Canny Again!!

Online allocation has now sold out, we have kept spaces back so you can pay at the door for this event.