15 Nov 2017 : Acid House Party

Reminisce: This Is Acid

In Chicago in the late 80s, early pioneers of house music, such as the likes of DJ Pierre, Mr Fingers (Larry Heard) and Marshall Jefferson began experimenting with the unmistakable sound of the squelchy Roland TB-303 which led to the birth of acid house. 

Inevitably this unique sound took the UK’s underground scene by storm and became the largest youth revolution for decades. The popularity of acid house slowly infiltrated Britain’s mainstream, as well as influencing the development of techno, trance and break-beat. 

It turned many of the countries nightclubs back into what they were supposed to be, places to dance. This is exactly what Reminisce stands for, so what better excuse to throw a party dedicated to the genre that changed electronic dance music forever.

The DJ has been the central ritual of dance culture over the last 50 years but the crowd has been no less important, be a part of it. 

Tickets for Sale

Online allocation has now sold out, we have kept spaces back so you can pay at the door for this event.