24 Feb 2018 : Kicking Springtime right off...!!

Outkast's Greatest Hits : Live 12 piece Choir, Rappers & Rhythm section

Hey Ya Chums & welcome to 'The Main Event...!!'
You know how we always bring the City the biggest, best & most fun live shows...?

Well we can't flippin' wait for this one...!!

So listen up...
Having spent the past year, chasing this Crew down, we've eventually persuaded them to travel all the way up from the Capital, to perform for us in Newcastle...
So it gives us great, great pleasure to announce, that this twelve piece Choir inc Rappers & a supa-tight Band & Rhythm section, are finally touching down @ Wylam Brewery on Saturday night, 24th Feb.
These Cats are ultra-slick, having sold out multiple of their homage to Outkast shows all through last year...
They've now honed & crafted a show for us, to absolute perfection for their Newcastle visit. So rest assured, we're taking the roof of the Brewery tonight & it'll be an absolute hit-tastic, super-coolathon..!!
We only have one date booked in for this, so don't hang about & round your chums up for a fab, high-octane night out, that even Ms Jackson would be sorry to miss..!!.
Attendance is compulsory for this event....So let's do this...!!
Let's face it - the last thing any of us want, is you... all lonely... left out & feeling like what 'Roses' smell like.... x.

We expect this show to sell out & due to our contract with the Band’s management, tickets can only be refunded if that does happen & we have people waiting on the returns list that Debbie can sell your tickets on to. So please plan ahead & only purchase this ticket if you intend to attend the show.

If you have any ticketing enquiries, please e mail Debbie on info@welovewhq.com prior to show day.

Flashing lights may be in use during this show.

*Yet another, dope 'WHQ & Nat Turner Live Events' presentation... x

Online allocation has now sold out, we have kept spaces back so you can pay at the door for this event.