07 Dec 2017 : 23:00 - 04:00

MISTA presents: Nachtbraker (Quartet Series) at World HQ

MISTA's 3rd Birthday at World Headquarters  



MISTA Residents

Party people - We're back to Newcastle this Decmeber for our third anniversssary and 8th show at WHQ. Of course we are bringing another big househead name to the Toon. Headlining the show is a Dutch master DJ, and producer - Nachtbraker. Support coming from Ocsid Werks and local talent. 

£7 Early Birds > £10 > £12.50 
£10 Papers


♠ Nachtbraker (Quartet Series) ♠

After receiving widespread recognition for books like “How Does He Do It?”, "Did He Do It?" and “Glorious Misunderstandings,” Maurits Verwoerd decided to start a career as a music producer. Though few doubted his skills as an artist, most of Maurits neighbours thought different about his compositions, causing him to start producing music in the underground dungeons of Amsterdam. Coming out occasionally, but only at night, slowly made him well known among friends and enemies as Nachtbraker (Dutch for night hawk). 
The signs of exposure to a wide range of genres are clearly hearable in his music, ranging from ecstatic slow grooves to unconventional dub tracks. Critics often praise him for adopting a wide pallet of sounds and subtle, detailed percussion. While his celebrated performances receive increasing recognition, it’s unquestionable that Nachtbraker will keep a lot of people comfortably awake for the coming years.

Mix - https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-amsterdam/nachtbraker-dha-mix-189

♠ Ocsid Werks (MISTA) ♠ 

Despite hailing from London, these guys have been found spinning records in venues up and down the UK. The duo first played together on the roof tops of Notting Hill back in 2014 at an after-hours carnival party. At the core of this DJ pairing, you can find an infectious love for music, a passion for dfloor dance music, and a desire to mix records for fun-loving party people, with a great friendship thrown into the mix as well. Ed and Patch have developed an impressive collection of records, bridging the gap between old school disco and more classic Chicago House sounds that evolved from the mid 80’s. Gigs in Crotia last summer at Soundwave, and weekends lined up playing out in Ibiza next, things should go into orbit this coming show.

Intergalatic Mix: https://goo.gl/cdifrx

MISTA's new arrivals:
♠  Jasper Bradstock ♠
♠  Henry Agnew ♠
♠  Jamie  Rees  ♠
♠  Patch Adams ♠

Tickets for Sale

Online allocation has now sold out, we have kept spaces back so you can pay at the door for this event.