13 Jul 2018 : The phenomenon returns...!

Hits of Beyonce & Destiny's Child - The Summer Remix : Live @ Wylam Brewery


After 3, outstanding, sell out, Wylam shows over the winter period, the ultimate, 'Ladies Night Out of a Lifetime' is returning this July, by popular demand, to the beautiful Wylam Brewery in Exhibition Park.

And this time..? It's on a warm Friday night out, at the very height of Summertime..!!

So Sisters, get your crews ready – for...

'THE HITS OF BEYONCE & DESTINY'S CHILD (The Summer remix)..!!'

This is a massive production, comprising a 13 piece live band of top session musicians, with a full string section & three of most up-front & amazing female vocalists, this side of the Atlantic.

Once again, they'll be paying true homage to all the glamour, feminine toughness, heartbreak, love, sensuality, sass & sisterhood, of the greatest girl group of modern times & the #1 feminine icon on the planet today.

Ask anyone... This show is hit, after hit, after hit..!!

Or just check out any of the amazing online footage from the winter shows..!!!

Their set list varies every time they play for us, so no 2 shows are ever the same & each time, there's more & more added Beyonce..!

It's a squeaky-tight production & the atmosphere they create is just so amazing, that we can promise you for sure, that the roof will be coming off Wylam Brewery again tonight..!!

Now you already know all the words, you already know all the moves - So it's pretty easy to work out what comes next...?!!

Round up your girls & nab those tickets, 'cos we're partying through this warm Summer night in 100% appreciation of the music of Beyonce & Destiny's Child.

The date for your diaries is Friday night, 13th July - The very peak of Summertime in Newcastle.

Trust us when we say, you are going to absolutely love it & this is the hot date for you to organise a 'get down' with your girls.


So it makes sense to book your place today, for 'The Summertime Ladies Night Out of a Lifetime..!!' x

As with all shows at Wylam Brewery, there may be some element of flashing lighting in use, at certain points during the live performance.

Onstage times are a guide & even as hard as we try, they may vary slightly (in the unlikely event crazy stuff happens unexpectedly on the night).

We expect this show to sell out & due to our contract with the Band’s management, tickets can only be refunded if that does happen & we have people waiting on the returns list that Debbie can sell your tickets on to & you contact her prior to the day of the show. So please plan ahead & only purchase this ticket if you intend to attend the show.

If you have ticketing, or any other enquiries, please e mail Debbie at out office on info@welovewhq.com.


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