05 Apr 2019 : A 15 piece Ensemble of top session musicians perform the music of iconic rock band 'Queen'

A Night At The Brewery

Wylam Brewery cordially invites you to...

'A Night At The Brewery' - 2nd Date added by popular demand.

Where we shall all share, in a magical Spring evening, celebrating the music of the Uk's most iconic ever rock band - 'Queen'

WHQ & Nat Turner live Events have specially commissioned this bespoke show, featuring 15 of their top of the game, London based, session musician chums.

Tommy has hand picked all the tunes, from Queen's extensive back catalogue & rehearsals for this mammoth production are now in full swing.

This will be one of the biggest live events we have ever staged @ Wylam & has been 2 year's in the making. Friday April 5th is the added date for your diaries & tickets have just gone on sale.

Tickets for the 2nd date for this amazing new show are not expected to last long...

Trust us... Look up to the skies & see, this is a really, really big one x.


* Please note

As with all shows at Wylam Brewery, there may be some element of flashing lighting in use, at certain points during the live performance.

Onstage times are a guide & even as hard as we try, they may vary slightly (in the unlikely event crazy stuff happens unexpectedly on the night).

We would hope to sell out in advance & due to our contract with the Band’s management, tickets can only be refunded once / if / that does happen & we have people waiting on the returns list that Debbie can sell your tickets on to (& you contact her prior to the day of the show).

So please plan ahead & only purchase this ticket if you intend to attend the show.

This is a standing / dancing / singing event, that will rock you.

If you have ticketing, or any other enquiries, please e mail Debbie at our office on info@welovewhq.com.

Online allocation has now sold out, we have kept spaces back so you can pay at the door for this event.